Auto ProShine Waterless Wash

Bring space-age technology to your driveway and save water at the same time.  Our super-secret formula does not scratch the vehicle's delicate surface because each application completely encapsulates dirt particles with a protective coating of wax.  When you wipe the wax with a polishing cloth, a hard wax surface remains, and it last and lasts.  Apply it any time and in any way.  Back and forth, up and down, circles, sideways----it doesn't matter.  Use Auto Pro Shine Liquid Wax in the sun or shade.  

Easy to Use
DO NOT WASH THE CAR!  (A light rinsing might be necessary to remove larger dirt particles.)
Spray or pour Auto ProShine Waterless Wash and Wax on the vehicle.  Spray it right over any dirt, grime or bug marks.
Evenly spread it around with a clean cloth.
Wipe it off immediately with another dry, soft cotton cloth.  It's that simple!  (In case of bugs, tar, or tree sap, leave on 20-30 seconds, then wipe off.)   

Product Features

Thoroughly cleans and waxes in one easy step without water
Works on any hard, smooth, non-pourous surface
Safe on all types of paint, including clear-coat
Cleans dirt, grime, bug marks, road haze and road tar
Safely and effectively removes oxidation
Exclusive formula encapsulates dirt particles
Great around the house.  Use on glossy, painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, gel coat and ceramic tile
Removes paint overspray
For use on Boats, Motorcycles, Glass, Trucks, RV's, Chrome, Cars and more! 

Auto ProShine Sales
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